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Our Mission


School Site and Facilities

Our Mission

To provide varying educational experiences to enable our pupils to meet challenges and responsibilities.

Aims of Education in our school

  • To provide an education that will help our pupils to develop and realise their potential
  • To provide an education that will foster a sense of social responsibility and equal opportunity for all

Our Values

We believe that children should be:-

- Be responsible for their own actions.

- Be reasonable in their understanding of other children and adults.

- Be reflective about their behaviour and actions and be prepared to learn from their mistakes.

- Be resilient in thinking positively about themselves and others.

- Be resourceful and find solutions to their own and other peoples problems.

 Behaviour policy

Word icon Learning policy

PDF icon Ofsted 2010-11 subject survey inspection – Citizenship


Whiteshill Primary provides for children between 4-11 years old. There are four classes with fifteen children in each year group.

Class 1            Reception

Class 2            Year 1 and Year 2

Class 3            Year 3 and Year 4

Class 4            Year 5 and Year 6

School site and facilities

Whiteshill Primary school has been serving the village of Whiteshill and the surrounding area since 1712. The main school building as we know it today was built in 1887. 

Ongoing improvements have resulted in the addition of four new classroom buildings. The main building now houses the school hall which is also a fully equipped gym, a well stocked library with computerised system and the staff room.

ICT facilities within the school are constantly being updated. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard connected to a laptop for use by the teacher, five desktop computers, a DVD and CD player, a scanner and a visualiser, which is a device to show children’s work. Each class also has access to a further twelve laptops as required, digital cameras, video cameras and digital blue animation cameras. 

A secure playground lies to the front of the main building. To the side there is a climbing frame, slide and balancing equipment. There is also a planting area for growing vegetables and flowers and recent improvements have seen the addition of a sensory garden, a wildlife area and an Early Years outdoor learning area. Class 4 will be planning and developing their own special garden area. In addition to the playground, the school has the use of the local playing fields, a five minute walk away, for sports activities and other events.

All school buildings and the grounds have full wheel-chair access.