Whiteshill School

Whiteshill School

Class 4

As children move into Class 4 we work to give them more responsibility around the school, enabling them to become good role models for the younger children. The children are given the skills to take on more self study projects which foster confidence and independent study skills.  We aim to ensure that the children have all the skills they need to make a confident transition to secondary education.

Teaching and Learning

Children follow a creative curriculum with subjects linked to an overarching theme. This makes learning relevant and shows children how curriculum areas link together.  Together with structured teaching activities in all curriculum areas, we teach children research skills to help them to learn how to learn.  Our creative curriculum motivates children to want to learn more, so each term the children work on a project, choosing an aspect of the theme that they are particularly interested in.  The children work on their projects at home and school and present them at the end of each term to the class.

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